IPL Hair Removal

What Is IPL2?

We use IPL 2nd Generation which is IPL with Focused RF Energy. What this means to you, is that IPL is more powerful and more effective than traditional IPL and virtually painless. Also the technology is safer on more skin types and hair colours. In addition you will also benefit from skin rejuvenation unlike traditional IPL or true lasers. It is suitable for both men and women.
Laser hair removal is used as a generic term, however, surprisingly, not all laser hair removal systems
actually use a laser instead they use an IPL which stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Generally laser or IPL treatments target the hair and the light waves attract to the melanin in the hair and travel down the hair and destroy the follicle. This results in the hair growing more slowly. Lasers target the hair itself whereas IPL will cause an umbrella effect of light that also hits the surrounding skin making the treatment more comfortable and effective.

The Procedure…

Book a consultation to discuss the areas that you wish to be treated. You then will be required to have test patches taken to see if you are suitable for the treatment and to make sure that you will not have any side effects. This is normally carried out three days before any treatment is begun.
Before a treatment course can commence you will need to shave the area at least three days before or trim the hair to about 3 mm long.
On the first day of treatment the clinician will apply a contact cosmetic gel to the skin, and start the process. The treatment will need to be repeated every six weeks
IPL Hair Removal – only £39 per area

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