Micro Tech

Micro Tech micro-current treatments help areas such as pock marks, scars, stretch marks and loose skin around the bust area, abdomen and hands. They are also used in cellulite treatment to smooth out orange peel affect. They have healing properties and increase ATP levels which are muscle energy levels. This allows the natural production of protein synthesis (elasticity of the skin)
and Fibroblast activity (collagen production) giving the skin a firmer, smoother and healthier look.

What Is Micro-Current?

Micro-current is a low level of electrical current (500 micro amperes) that mirrors the body’s own natural current.

In addition to its use for anti-ageing treatments, it has been successfully used for wound healing, muscle rehabilitation and macular degeneration.

Aesthetically it can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the texture and appearance of the skin, re-educate and tone facial muscles and reduce the overall visual appearance of ageing.

Specifically it can…

  • Lift the brow
  • Plump the lips
  • Lift the bust
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Lighten scars and reduce stretch marks
  • Tone loose skin and smooth out orange peel

The treatment is completely non-invasive and therefore is a risk-free alternative cosmetic surgery.

Micro Tech – £49.00

Genie Take Ten Face Lift with a facial or Micro Tech – £65.00 – course of 5 – £249

Micro-current is a low level of electrical current of

0micro amperes

…that mirrors the body’s own natural current